As part of Chubb’s benefits package, you can take advantage of a variety of additional programs that can help save you money and provide important assistance with everyday needs. To enroll in these benefits, visit the Chubb Benefits Marketplace.

Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program (TRIP)

To ease the cost of your commute to work, Chubb offers tax-free commuter accounts — one for parking expenses, the other for transit expenses. These accounts let you set aside before-tax dollars from your paycheck to help pay for monthly parking and/or transit costs. It’s easy and flexible, and you can enroll and make changes anytime by logging in to your Mercer account.

How it works



Decide how much to contribute, and the money is deducted from your paycheck before taxes are taken out.


How much

You can contribute up to the IRS limit of $270/month for parking and $270/month for transit.


Spend it

Use your Mercer Marketplace debit card, or log in to your account to request reimbursement.

Commuting expenses: What’s eligible?

You can spend the before-tax money in your commuter accounts on eligible expenses, per IRS rules, including:

  • Transit expenses: Passes, tokens, fare cards, or vouchers purchased to allow you to commute by way of mass transit (bus, train, ferry, or subway). Vanpooling is considered a qualified expense if the vehicle used seats at least six or more adults (not including the driver) and at least 80% of the vehicle’s mileage is used to transport employees to and from their place of employment.
  • Parking expenses are what you pay to park on or near the premises of your office. Other eligible parking expenses are the fees you pay to park near a location from which you commute to work by train, vanpool, or carpool.
iconIf you currently have a transit and/or parking account, take note!

If you leave Chubb, you have 90 days from your date of termination to submit eligible transit and parking expenses incurred before your employment end date. If you don’t submit your expenses during this 90-day period, you will forfeit any funds remaining in your account.

Identity theft protection

Personal Cyber Insurance – Blink℠ by Chubb®

You have the option to buy personal cyber insurance directly from Blink by Chubb. The insurance can be purchased on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with identity theft protection from Allstate to cover your entire cyber life. The Blink by Chubb* product greatly expands the number of covered cyber risks vs. standalone identity theft policies.

  • Blink℠ by Chubb® coverage not only includes Identity Theft, but also includes: Cyber Extortion, Cyber Financial Fraud, Deceptive Transfer Fraud, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Breach of Privacy, Cyber Disruption, Electronic Data Restoration, and Electronic Device Replacement.
  • You, your spouse/partner, any family members that live with you, and your dependent children (up to 24 years old) are automatically covered.
  • In addition, if you share electronic devices, software, or digital accounts with anyone else (whether or not they are in your household), you can and add up to 5 of those individuals on the policy. When doing so, coverage extends to their spouse/partner, household family, and dependent children too.
  • Claim services are provided by Chubb, and you’ll have a dedicated cyber response specialist to walk you through every step of the recovery process.
  • You can choose between two different coverage options: (1) $100,000 (with $500 deductible) or (2) $250,000 (with $1,000 deductible). No deductible applies to the Identity Theft coverage.
  • Blink℠ by Chubb® is a voluntary benefit. You can enroll anytime by calling 1-833-550-9664.

*Not available in all states

Identity Theft Protection plan from Allstate

The Identity Theft Protection plan from Allstate offers proactive fraud detection and prevention to help protect your privacy, identity, and finances:

  • Monitors your identity, detects fraud, and provides full recovery in the event of theft, including reimbursement with a $1 million identity theft insurance policy.
  • Provides 24/7 phone support from certified privacy advocates who act on your behalf to resolve identity theft issues.
  • Enroll through the Chubb Benefits Marketplace.

Legal benefits

MetLife Legal Plans offers economical access to attorneys for legal services such as will preparation, estate planning, and family law:

  • Give yourself, your spouse, and your dependents access to a nationwide network of more than 14,000 attorneys.
  • Legal advice is a phone call away, and representatives will help you find an attorney in your area.
  • If you enroll, you may choose to expand coverage to your parents for an additional cost. Click on “Legal benefits” under the Tools and resources section to learn more about the Family Matters program and enroll.

Auto and home insurance

As an employee, you may purchase insurance coverage directly with Chubb through the Chubb Customer Center (CCC)*. The CCC is a team of 40 licensed professionals that offers colleagues access to the full suite of Personal Risk Services (PRS) products — most at discounted rates with convenient payroll deductions. Please contact our office at 1-800-777-2131 for your complimentary personal risk evaluation and quote.

*Coverage is subject to underwriting approval.

You can also save money with coverage from MetLife, on personal insurance policies, including home (not available in MA or FL), auto, landlord’s rental dwelling, condo, and recreational vehicle and boat:

  • Save up to 15% by purchasing this coverage through the Chubb Benefits Marketplace.  
  • Receive no-obligation quotes and cost comparisons.

Pet insurance

Pet ownership is rewarding. It can be expensive, too! Nationwide provides coverage to help you cover the costs of veterinary care:

  • Use any veterinarian worldwide.
  • Receive a discount of 5% or more on paycheck premiums.
  • Enroll any time of year.

Inside Rx Pets program

Get a discount on your pet’s medications with the Inside Rx Pets program from Express Scripts. Simply visit Inside Rx Pets or call Express Scripts at 1-866-544-6884 to access your discount:

  • Save an average of 75% off generics and up to 15% off brand names at 40,000+ retail pharmacies.
  • Click on “Pet prescriptions” under the Tools and resources section to read the FAQs and learn more.
  • All Chubb employees are eligible.

PerkSpot online discount mall

Gain access to exclusive prices, discounts, and offers from hundreds of local and national merchants through the PerkSpot online discount mall:

  • This service is provided at no cost to you.
  • Save up to 40% through offers that interest you, including health clubs, movie theaters, restaurants, retailers, and cellphone providers.
  • Access through the Chubb Benefits Marketplace; no enrollment required.