Eligible employees

If you are a full-time employee, or a part-time employee working at least 24 hours per week, you are eligible to participate in Chubb’s total benefits program, which includes all health, insurance, and financial security benefits offered by Chubb.

Eligible dependents

You may cover the following dependents as long as you are enrolled in a plan yourself:

  • Your spouse or domestic partner
  • Your or your spouse’s/partner’s eligible children up to age 26 (eligibility ends on the last day of the month of the child’s 26th birthday)
    • Exception: Children may be covered up to age 27 under the supplemental medical plans.
  • Your disabled children of any age, if they are covered under your medical plan and disabled prior to losing eligibility (and are legally or financially dependent primarily on you, as defined by the IRS)
iconProof of eligibility for new dependents required

If you are adding a dependent to your coverage, you will be asked to provide documentation (such as a marriage or birth certificate, or affidavit for partner) to confirm that your dependent is eligible for coverage. Please be sure to submit this documentation by the specified deadline or you will risk losing coverage for your dependent. If you are required to provide documentation, you will receive more information about the steps you need to take.

iconHealth benefits for partners are taxed

When you add a dependent to your health insurance coverage who does not qualify as a tax dependent, the company’s contribution toward that coverage is considered imputed income, which is subject to taxation. Please consult with a tax professional about how imputed income may impact your taxes and/or pay.